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mar 13-16      Co-organiser | The New Scientific Paradigm: serving more-than-human interests, 
                                                              Harvard University, MA, USA
mar 4-6       Invited Attendee |  Pathways to Planetary Health: Ethics in the Age of the Anthropocene,
                                                              Garrison Institute, NY, USA
Feb 27          Invited Speaker |  Public Dialogue on Plant Intelligence with Richard Powers, the Institute for Cross-                                                              Disciplinary Engagement, Dartmouth College, NH, USA
Feb-mar      Visiting Fellow |  Institute for Cross-Disciplinary Engagement, Dartmouth College, NH, USA
APR 11        Invited Speaker |  'From Biology to Mind: workshop on Minimal Cognition', School of Humanities &
                                                           Social Enquiry, University of Wollongong, Wollongong, Australia 
FEB 13        Interview on 'Smarty Plants' with Robert Krulwich | Radiolab, New York, USA
May  12         Invited Speaker |  Garden States - Ethnobotanical Symposium, Entheogenesis Australia
                                                              Melbourne, Australia
Mar  31         Invited Speaker |  The Shaman & the Scientist, The Australian Psychedelic Society, 
                                                              Sydney, Australia
JUNE  1          Invited Speaker |  World Science Festival, New York City, USA
May  16-19     Invited Speaker |  Northern Territory Writers' Festival, Alice Spring, Australia
May  15         Keynote Speaker |  Thinking Trees, The Royal Society of Victoria, Melbourne, Australia
Mar   9           Invited Speaker |  Planet Talk @ Womadelaide, Adelaide, Australia
Mar   7            Invited Speaker |  The Bob Hawke Prime Ministerial Centre, University of South Australia,                                                                              Adelaide, Australia
Mar   6           Invited Speaker |  Museum of Contemporary Art Australia (MCA) and Sydney Policy Lab at the         
                                                              University of Sydney , Sydney, Australia
Nov   3-4        Invited Speaker |  'A Plant is a Community: Why Listen to Plants' | Liquid Architecture, 
                                                               Brisbane & the Gold Coast, Australia
OCT   30          Invited Lecturer |  Depart. of Anthropology, University of California Berkeley, California, USA
OCT   24          Invited Lecturer |  Depart. of Biological Sciences, San Jose State University, California, USA
OCT   23          Invited Speaker |  Botanical Dimensions, Occidental, California, USA
OCT   19-21    Keynote Speaker |  National Bioneers Conference, San Rafael, California, USA
OCT   15           Invited Speaker |  Depart. of Plant Biology, Carnegie Institution for Science, Stanford University,
                                                               California, USA
OCT   11           Invited Lecturer |  Depart. of Biological Sciences, Cal State University East Bay, California, USA
SEPT 20-22   Keynote Speaker |  III Symposium of Systemic Ecophysiology on 'Cognition and sentience in plants',                                                                 Universidade Estadual Paulista, Botucatu, Sao Paulo, Brazil
Sept 3-16     Invited Lecturer |  Wasiwaska Seminar Series, Research Centre for the Study of Psychointegrator
                                                              Plants, Visionary Art and Consciousness, Santa Catarina, Florianópolis, Brazil 
AUG 17       Invited Speaker | 'Animal Sentience: Pushing the Boundaries', Centre for Philosophy of the           
                                                              Sciences, Australian National University, Canberra, Australia 
May 9        Interview on 'A Mind Without A Brain: The Science Of Plant Intelligence Takes Root' with
                              Andrea Morris | Forbes Magazine, Jersey City, USA
DEC 6-11      Keynote Speaker | 'Perspectives on Listening' International Workshop, Biosphere Soundscapes &                                                                     QLD Conservatorium Research Centre, Griffith University, Brisbane, Australia 
Sept 1       Invited Speaker | The Nexus of Life: Ecological Crisis & Creative Understanding conference                                                                           Sydney Environment Institute &  Department of Anthropology     
                                                         University of Sydney, Australia 
JUN 23      Invited Lecturer | Centre for Integrative Ecology, School of Life and Environmental Sciences                                                                            Deakin University, Geelong, Australia
APR 28      Keynote Speaker | Sydney Harbour: Intersections of the Arts, Sciences, and Humanities workshop                                                               Sydney Environment Institute, University of Sydney, Australia 
APR 26      Invited Lecturer | School of Law & Justice co-hosting with Southern Cross Plant Science                                                                                   Southern Cross University, Lismore, Australia 
NOV 2-3      Invited Speaker | Agency Beyond Humanity Conference, Biopolitical Studies Network                                                                                       University of New South Wales, Australia
May 17       Invited Speaker | Transformational Nature, Royal Botanic Gardens Kew, UK
JUn 21      Gold Medalist at the New York Festival - Bioneers Radio Series
                                                          'Nature’s Intelligence: Interviewing The Vegetable Mind'
May 13-15    Invited Speaker | Interdependence Symposium 
                                                          Planète Vie  &  Jane Goodall Institute, Belgium  
APRIL 13-14  Invited Speaker | Plant Communication for Agricultural Innovation Convening
                                                           Bill & Melissa Gates Foundation, USA
Jan 20      Interview on Plant Behaviour | NewsTalk Radio, Ireland
Dec 26       Guest in 'Talking Plants' | ABC Radio National show, Australia
nov 25        Invited Lecturer | Faculty of Education, University of Gothenburg, Sweden 
OCT 28        Invited Lecturer | Philosophy Department, University of Sydney, Australia 
OCT 13       Inteview with Pavel Lobkov | RAIN Independent TV channel, Russia
SEPT 3        Invited Speaker | Science Seminar Series for Kings Park Festival, Australia 
JUL 31      Interview with Jill Cloutier | Sustainable World Radio, USA 
JUL 15      Guest in 'Nature’s Intelligence: Interviewing The Vegetable Mind' Bioneers Radio Series XV, USA
Jun 13     Guest in 'Blueprint for Living' | ABC Radio National show, Australia
May 30     Guest in 'Voice of Plants' Forum | Denmark Festival of Voice, Australia 
May 29     Invited Speaker | Science Seminar for Denmark Festival of Voice, Australia 
Mar 30   The Waterwheel Project, USA - 'We Are Not Plants' collaboration with Vivienne Glance
OCT 22-26       Speaker | Science and Nonduality Conference, USA 
oct 17-19       Invited Speaker | 25th Bioneers Conference, USA 
oct 1             Invited Speaker | 'Plant Intelligence: Scientific and Philosophical Approaches'
                              Symposium, Georgetown Intercultural Center, Georgetown University, USA 
Jul 20-21      Invited Speaker | 'Consciousness - Here, There, Everywhere? The Prospect for Panpsychism'
                              Workshop, Association for the Scientific Study of Consciousness (ASSC), Byron Bay, Australia 
Jun 19-21      Invited Speaker & Keynote Respondent | 5th Biennal Association for the Study of Literature,
                                                                                                   Environment & Culture (ASLEC-ANZ), Canberra, Australia 
mar 28       Interview with Derrick Jensen on Radio Resistance | Progressive Radio Network,US
Feb 6         Interview 'What does the Plant Say?' | BBC Earth Unplugged, UK
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